She got one two three four which one’s coming through my door this time
Mad one glad to love three here for entertainment
This one come to make me miserable for daily living
She got one two three four five, no wonder I’m riled
I’m going drinking

In the morning time she’ll wake up loving, then I can’t do nothing
Dinner time, back on the fence, have a few drinks in the early evening
But when the night comes around, hard to know which one’s around

In the morning time she’s throwing a fit, says she bout to leave this nation
Then she loves me might just want to give, me some extra special attention
But when the night comes around, it’s hard to know which one’s around

Got the hammer down blues in the morning time, right when I go to work
Can’t put the hammer down baby till lunch comes around and again till the dust hits the earth
And on my way home from work what do I do? I hammer on throttle and I hammer down booze.

Got the hammer down blues and I’m highway bound
Will I go home or to another town
Doesn’t really matter what I do
Be swinging someone else’s baby to the hammer down blues

I throw it in the forge gonna melt my sword, just like you told me too
Pound it again with the hammer and then, temper it and let it cool
Heat it up again and bend it around
Daddy make the best steel that’s ever been found

I’ll twist off the cap like I screw in the scew
I’ll turn on the radio like I tune out you
In the mornin swing the hammer like John Henry again
When I get out of work tomorrow this is what I’ll sing

When I told her I loved her it made her so mad,
When I asked her to dance, was the worst insult she’s had
It’s said she’s well liked around this town
Just me and the wind is getting her down

When the wind was blowin, won’t step outside
When I tell her I love here, dissatisfied
Every day I still hear her name around my home
I just can’t take it she don’t love me no more
When the wind was blowing on the highway that night
I put my arms around her and she held me so tight
All this traveling and roaming, “I love you she said”
Will those words haunt me till I’m dead?

He’s running through the forest just as fast as he can
This time they ain’t after him, they want another man
But when they see him running, they give chase
But honor bound he won’t be found by cops on his own place.

The kid he couldn’t do nothing right.
Junky and a thief the lord couldn’t stand his sight
He wasn’t allowed nowhere in town
But it was funny when the cops were there…

Some folks do wrong when they should be doing right
Some act that way most days of there life
Stealing from your family no one can stand
But it was funny when the cops were there…

Thrown his shoes in the fire so he couldn’t be tracked
Buried himself in the mud with a straw sticking out
Then he run to his Mom’s house, what did she say?
Go turn yourself in boy, you’re trouble these days…

Why do I moan?
Why do I wonder?
Why do I need an alabi?
Live from day to day
Then you pass away

Live from day to day, You’re far away
Don’t feel like that, Don’t talk like that
Or you might pass away with naught to say
But the blues
And the truth is, you could find bliss a better way
Maybe not today drivin long highways
But when fall is here, won’t be moanin the blues

Along these highways
No time for no byways
Rushing from place to place should be settin my own pace
Live from day to day
Then you pass away

One January evening, down in Fort Worth
I met Rudy from Juarez
Things started out friendly, drinking and smoking
Living it up in the old familiar way

As things loosen up his mouth begins run
Bout the days running goods across the line
He was twenty years old and had the wounds to prove it
Said he’d died 5 minutes and came back alive

He pulled out his pistol, said he’d kill for nothing
I was thinking, “Time to say goodbye”
he shot into the ground with a real mean expression
I was gone real quick, “Fort Worth goodbye”

The funny thing was his grandma was in the house
ninety five years old and sitting there
I wonder if she knows how Rudy’s living
Running drugs, ditching hearses, killing men
Running from the men who want him dead

Some friends of mine riding the NS line
They was rambling and smiling and riding high
Got of in Meridian got back on again,
was the wrong train headed over too Jackson
Got off again start looking around,
there was nothing around, they’re miles and miles from town

Walking and walking, what did they find
A little bar by the railroad where they could go hide
Oh no, something’s wrong
It’s like they never seen a hobo before
My friends were just sitting there looking around, minding there own buisness putting their packs down.

Oh no, somethings wrong
It’s like they never seen a hobo before
Way out there in the industrial waste,
they don’t want no strangers in that place

The patrons there don’t look to good
One’s staring at the wall not saying a word
The found out in the back room with the klansman railroad picture and the folks playin pool
The hideaway is where people go to hate out loud ain’t noplace for a hobo trying to have a good time

The kkk is sad and they always wrong.
They ain’t got no railroads and they got no songs

I’d follow here to Dallas, Texas and gladly break up this band
If I could know just for a moment what it’s like to be her man
I know that’s just in dream, in the morning we’ll split apart
I’ll go down to North Carolina and you go to Arkansas

Bow Down to the road out of town
Come around to who won’t let you down
We found the road out of town
Come around and walking through
Those fields and hills and flowers
Yesterday maybe tomorrow

I can sit here in the winter time remembering our summer fun
Walking up a mountain, taking in the afternoon sun
Wildflowers were bluming, blue sparking in your eyes
It’s something to recall now all this snow is flying

When I was 18 and it was Halloween
gonna have some fun my friends and me
Got all dressed up got a bunch a beer
I was a devil with my lady in heels

Went to a party, what a good time
All those young people getting to high
I got so drunk it seemed to me,
I was a devil, little devil in me

When I was a devil and a devil was me
I left the world there spinning under me
It wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t quite right
Being a devil on Halloween night

I ate something and I went down
The world was spinning I wore a dark crown
I left my body, no one could see
I was a devil, little devil in me

Floating around saw my body on the ground
and the people on the dance floors really getting down
White rabbiting in there minds jack rabbiting on the walls
I was a devil, those were my laws

Woke up the next morning was that a dream
I asked my friends and they told me
The things I’d seen, all were real
I was a devil but lost my lady in heels

I went over to my neighbors place I was just sitting there
Talking to a real nice man, my friend I do declare
His wife came in a-crying, I couldn’t stand to hear
I asked her what the matter was and she said, “My Dear,

I can tell I’m getting older, I can hardly see
But I have to thread this needle, could you do that for me?”
Her husband he just grinned, gave me to understand
Sometimes all you neighbor boys can lend a helping hand

So I done my best to help her, I sewn that needle through
And we sewn together to beat the afternoon blues
In and out around and round the need and the thread
We sewn so much, its hard to believe, right there on her bed

Well now it’s time to go I know I’ve lent a helping hand
And if you need one tomorrow you can call me I’m you man
And this goes out to the lady’s, living all around:
If you need to thread your needle and sew a little in me a friend you’ve found

She got her brimmed hat lowered
She’s standing in the corner
Does she know that I can see her there

The place was jumping
People was bumping
But her shadows taken me far away

Cause I still love her
Even though I’m a guitar picker
In this dingy old honky tonk bar

The last time I seen here
She was god damn meaner
Than a rattle snake who’s tale I stepped on

We were really going at it
We both had had it
With each other after all these years

But now that I can see her
I want to re-meet her
And start it all over again

Cause I still love her
Even though I’m a guitar picker
In this dingy old honky tonk bar

“I walk through the forest with my dog and my cane”
Said the old man “looking for wood to plane”
He’d plane it on down and pu on the strings
Bring it to the square dance, make the dobro sing

He made mandolins and guitars and he named them for his daughters
Named them for his granddaughters, as the years went on
And he’d give them to whoever he thought would use them better
And he had a lot of fun, and he never sold a one

Down in South Carolina where the hills roll so green
There’s an old man living be his own means
When he was young he played all the dance halls
Now he goes out once in summer and once in the fall

He’s ninety years old and he’d spin a tall tale
Some of it was real and some of it was fables
As the night got longer the pickin’d get hotter and
The tales would get taller till tomorrow come around

She wants more than I can offer
How can I give what I don’t have
No matter what I do, it’s “Jonny can’t get along with you”
She rolls her eyes and turns around

Some gals think it’s ok to treat their man that way
I know that cause I’ve been there many times
I’ll never get along with you, our love has made me a fool
She rolls her eyes and turns around

I know our days on earth are numbered
I can’t give you the time that I don’t have
So it’s no matter what I do, “Jonny can’t get along with you”
She rolls her eyes and turns around

Doe’s a man make a womans life complete?
Does a woman make a man’s life worthwhile?
If these things are true, why can’t I get along with you?
She rolls her eyes and turns around

Are we on another run?
Just out having fun?
I hope so cause that’s always the best
Though I’ll never get along with you and our love has made me a fool
What are these chains by which we’re bound?
She rolls her eyes and turns around

Dream a little dream, been dreaming to long
Sometimes you wake up and sometimes you’re wrong
Sometimes you wake up, been dreaming this song
And the plans that you make up sure don’t last long

Been making no money, been drinking too much
Expect me to sit here and wait for my luck?
Ghosts and the dreamlands and the mountains above
Sit down beside me and loosen me up

Sometimes I remember, I just don’t know why
I think of you and the times we passed by
Alone and spending this night in the woods
Moons just hanging there, smiling like I should